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Monday, June 1, 2015

Links ads and Mega account

Hi everybody we are a few team working in this blog, in our freetime, our main goal is offer to you a Mega link for the download of your firmware.

We actually dislike ads, but is the only way for monetize our work.
For each 5 USD in donations we going to cut by the half of the actual rate of ads links this means that if right now the rate of adslinks are of 100%  and we get 5 dollars in donations we going to reduce the actual rate of adslinks to 50% of the totals links

Also you can disable ads using adblock in crome and  firefox, another method for cut ads in all your system is following this GUIE

We have a script to download firmwares and uploads to our Mega account but we have low storage.

We need help (mega accounts), if you wanna help us, feel free of send us an email use the form in this blog --->>>

Also you can monetize your adfly links in this blog, ask us how to participate--->>>


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