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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Samsung Galaxy - Korean Firmwares

Galaxy Note - SHV-E160K
Galaxy Note - SHV-E160L
Galaxy Note - SHV-E160S
Galaxy Note 2 - SHV-E250K
Galaxy Note 2 - SHV-E250L
Galaxy Note 2 - SHV-E250S
Galaxy Note 3 - SM-N900S
Galaxy S2 - SHW-M250K
Galaxy S2 - SHW-M250L
Galaxy S2 - SHW-M250S
Galaxy S2 HD LTE - SHV-E120K
Galaxy S2 HD LTE - SHV-E120L
Galaxy S2 HD LTE - SHV-E120S
Galaxy S2 LTE - SHV-E110S
Galaxy S3 - SHV-210K
Galaxy S3 - SHV-210L
Galaxy S3 - SHV-210S
Galaxy S3 3G - SHW-M440S
Galaxy S4 - SHV-E300K
Galaxy S4 - SHV-E300L
Galaxy S4 - SHV-E300S
Galaxy S4 LTE-A - SHV-E330K
Galaxy S4 LTE-A - SHV-E330L
Galaxy S4 LTE-A - SHV-E330S!IxJTDDQQ!TTgzxjX8d7EnzemoIj0ogg!Z4ZF0a6T


  1. i have been finish download.
    but i can't find that file i download in my manager file

  2. thanks for this.. I've been looking everywhere for 4.1.2 firmware of N2

  3. Please which software or loader should I use to load this file?

  4. Have You New version of SHV-E160K

  5. GT officel updata plz web site link

  6. plsi need shv-e270k firmware thank you

  7. plsi need shv-e270k firmware thank you

  8. i need shv-e110s korea


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