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Monday, May 4, 2015

Emerson Tablet Firmware Download - EM543


MD5 (EM543_FW_4.0v2_Instructions.pdf) = 7341a8c32a4bd4ed7e97e743449faf2f


MD5 (EM543_Android_4.0v2.img) = e24a7c5e6fa82a051075f6a75344a9e4

MD5 (EM543_Android_4.0v3.img) = 8e4a8c45797b1cb1f52eaf4065fed68

LiveSuite 1.07 9.7 MB 

Emerson EM544 Confusion

Emerson EM544 Does not Exist maybe the main box say that its name is EM544 but if you look the software version inside the tablet configurations it say EM543

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